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Host Your Own Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony Supported By ECBA


The East Cobb Business Association is happy to help you plan a ribbon-cutting ceremony for your business.  It's a value-added benefit included in your membership dues.


If you’re a New ECBA Member wanting to make a big splash by celebrating your new membership, we’re here to help.  If you’re an Existing ECBA Member wanting to host a special celebration such as a grand opening, ground breaking, business expansion, new location or it may be time to commemorate the achievement of a major business milestone or reaching an important business anniversary. Whatever the reason, your celebration can be even more special with an ECBA Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony.


Even if you're a Home-Based Business, still contact us.  We may be able to hold a special ceremony just for you at one of our ECBA Business Luncheons or at one of our ECBA Lunch & Learn Events.


There are many benefits of having a ribbon-cutting ceremony for your business. In just a few easy steps, your big news can get to even more sets of eyes who may be interested in learning about your business.


We’ll Help You Plan, Coordinate & Promote Your Ceremony


A ribbon-cutting ceremony is just one more way the ECBA is here to help the community learn more about you and your business.

Utilize our Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony Planning Guide & Checklist to maximize your success.


Use the power of PR to get the word out about your business.

Your business is encouraged to send us any news releases, invitations, and flyers that you would like us to help distribute.


We are happy to help with event promotion within the East Cobb Community. 

✓ Ceremony announcements posted on ECBA Website Calendar and ECBA Social Media Sites.

✓ Our Ribbon Cutting Committee will request the attendance of the ECBA President, ECBA Board

     Members and our ECBA Ambassadors to attend your event to help out as needed. 

     (Attendance is always based on schedule availability.)

✓ We’ll also invite all ECBA Members on your behalf if desired.

✓ We will help coordinate invitations to elected officials, dignitaries and members of our local media. 

      (Our media contact list includes local radio, television, print and online publications.)


The ECBA will provide a Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony Kit for use at your event:

(See picture above)

✓ 1 Ceremonial Ribbon-Cutting Scissors (25 Inch Blades)

✓ 1 Ceremonial Ribbon for Cutting (4 Inches Wide Ribbon/Up to 10 Yards Long)

✓ 2 Stanchions (3 ½ Feet Tall) for suspension of the ceremonial ribbon before being cut.

✓ 2 Ceremonial Long Tail Bows for stanchion decoration

1 ECBA Banner


Planning Your Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

  Getting Started:
ECBA Ribbon Cutting Guide Kit PDF
  • Download & Print: ECBA Ribbon Cutting Guide
  • Review Guide: Ceremony Guide & Checklist   
  • Complete & Submit: Participation Request & Information Form
  • Planning the Details: Coordinate with ECBA Ribbon Cutting Committee